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About Us


Vikings were not only fierce and rugged warriors during their lifetime, but they also had enormous passion and zest for life. And yes, vikings also came complete with manly beard, long hair and a lot of masculinity that simply could not be denied.

Vikings roamed the land and seas as noble savages, intelligent traders, fierce warriors as well as passionate explorers. They didn't let life control them, they took control of life and made it their very own. They also were known to neatly trim their beards, shave their necks and wax their own moustaches.

Here at Viking Beard, we wanted to tap into this same spirit of viking manliness and robust passion for life that these proud vikings once had. We want to integrate this passion into everything we do and create, especially in the amazing high-end men's care products that we have carefully selected for bearded men just like yourself.

Our mission and goal is for our products to give you that sense of manly ruggedness and dominance, but in a clean and stylish way that you truly desire. We want to unleash your inner viking... in a rugged yet handsome way!