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Beard Myths & Facts

Education - Beard Myths

Don't be misinformed or even avoid growing a beard altogether because you think it's not for you based on some untrue popular beard myths. Here we debunk some of the biggest beard myths and replace them with the pure, unaltered truth.

Hair Grows Back Thicker After Shaving

One of the biggest myths when it comes to facial hair or even hair growth in general is that the hairs grow back thicker after you shave them. The facial hair looks darker and feels thicker, so how couldn't it be, right? False. As it happens, hairs grow back with a dull end after you shave them and they might feel scruffy or coarse. While it appears and possibly even feels darker or thicker, it's not.

Women Like Facial Hair

It's a popular myth that all the women are looking for a man with a sexy beard, but this isn't always the case. Regardless of the beard styles you try, some girls just don't find facial hair attractive, while for others, it's practically a necessity in a partner. Still, some girls prefer the clean shaven look or don't like to kiss rough and itchy facial hair. However, with the right beard grooming products and techniques – and by keeping your facial hair moisturised with a premium beard oil, you can give your beard that sexy, touchable softness that so many women love.

A Beard Should Look Complete in 2-3 Weeks

While the world we live in would be wonderful if this was true, alas, a beard can't grow completely in as little as two to three weeks. In fact, quite the contrary, your beard may take as much as two to three months to grow out. In some cases, it may take even longer.

A Beard Should Be Filled In by Age 20

By age 20, many men feel like their beard is as good as it is going to get, yet fortunately this is not the case. Or many of us would be walking around with some pretty patchy beards (not that there's anything wrong with that). The truth is, your beard will keep improving throughout your 20s and 30s, and often into your 40s and 50s. Many men are well into their 20s before their beard fills in all the way.

Beards Are Hot In Summer

This is a common myth, possibly because beards look like they keep you pretty warm. The truth is that beards can actually help cool you down in the summer by shading your face and acting as an evaporative cooler when you sweat.

Only Dark Beards Look Good

When many people think of beards, the image that they immediately conjure into their minds tends to be one of a smouldering, dark-haired man with a full beard. However, fair-haired men are just as capable of growing excellent beards, especially once they have gained some length to show off. Once their beard has grown long enough to catch the sun's rays, they'll see the difference it can make to have a longer, lighter-coloured beard.

You Should Get Your Beard Trimmed By A Barber

Many people have more confidence in having their beard trimmed by a professional, but in truth, there is no better professional at knowing your personal preferences than yourself. More often than not, a barber will over-trim your beard, especially if you are not very clear about your desires. The best method, in general, is to get your own beard trimmer and take off a small amount of facial hair at a time until you are happy with the results. While doing this, however, be cautious and choose your style beforehand to avoid beard grooming mistakes.

Multi Coloured Beards Are Weird

Many people naturally have more than one colour in their facial hair, and this often results in a fear that it doesn't look quite right. However, having multiple colours in your beard will make you look unique and distinguished in the eyes of all beard lovers. Again, this is another classic case of you being your own biggest critic as no one else probably notices this or views it as a flaw.

Some Products Will Increase Beard Density

There are products such as Minoxidil and others on the market that claim they can make your beard gain permanent improvements in density, coverage or even help kick-start the budding process. However, few products have been able to demonstrate any improvement in these areas, and Minoxidil has shown some success, but the gains are lost after participants stopped using the product, meaning the results are not permanent.

Beards Are Scratchy & Uncomfortable

If your beard is itchy and scratchy, this is a sign that the skin under your facial hair is dry and in need of some moisture. By using a good beard oil, you can nourish your beard and the skin beneath to alleviate some of that itching.

Beards Are Unhygienic

For some people, when they look at a full and luxurious beard, all they can think about are the dirt and germs that must lay within. And it's true that if you don't clean your beard, it’s going to be dirty. But that's true for the hair on your head as well. So long as you clean your beard on a regular basis it will stay perfectly clean.