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Beard Shaping Tools

Education - Beard Shaping Tool

If you've had your beard for a long enough time, then you likely have a horrific beard trimming gone wrong story... it happens to the best of us! Grooming your beard to absolute perfection can be rough, so it's completely normal to make mistakes.

While it's completely possible to be an expert beard groomer freehanded, it never hurts to have a little help. With the help of the right tools in your arsenal, you will be impressed at how little of a chore grooming your beard can become.

Benefits of a Beard Shaping Tool

Maintain the glorious manliness of your beard in perfect fashion with the right beard shaper. These handy little utensils help you to trim a beard and achieve perfect lines with ease and keep your face looking well-groomed and symmetrical without going through the painstaking effort of trying to achieve such a result freehand. Beard shapers are simple to use and have jaw-dropping results compared to simply attempting to achieve the ultimate manly look without the proper tools.

You can shape your beard with ease, achieving perfect symmetry on both sides of your face and a perfect neck and beard line. With a beard trimmer or straight razor, paired with a handy beard shaping tool is all you need for the ultimate beard grooming experience.

Types of Beard Shaping Tools

There is basically three types of materials that are commonly used for beard shaping tools.

Wood - This is the most likely material to become scuffed and scratched while being used. They may look classic and stylish, but they are one of the less durable options, and they won't look quite so good when your razor has done a number on it. Further, it's always more helpful to have a facial hair shaping tool constructed from a transparent material, allowing you to see your beard while you place the tool and trim away.

Metal - A durable material although not so great in application. There lies that visibility problem again, as metal is not transparent.

Plastic - Lightweight, durable and will not scratch or chip that easily. Furthermore, many plastic models are transparent, allowing you to see your beard so you can get the perfect positioning before you start trimming away at your facial hair.

Beard Shapes & Lines

The lines on your beard shaper are those lines you will be able to accomplish in your grooming routine. so you will want a diverse selection to choose from. Therefore the shape and lines that the tool offers are of immense significance. The ideal option is for there to be a variety of curved and straight line options, and ideally several different curved edges available so to appeal to any type of style you may want to attempt. With a variety of edges to use, you will likely be able to take on the challenge of any beard style with ease.