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Beards & Face Shapes

Education - Face Shape To Beard

If you are truly serious about maintaining a rocking, kick-ass beard, then you need some tools... such as beard oil, balm, a beard trimmer, etc. But you also need to work with the tools you already have, such as the shape of your face.

Your facial features play an important role in styling your beard in a way that enhances your overall appearance. The wrong beard with the wrong face shape, well, it’s the sign of someone who isn't making every effort to have the coolest looking beard on the planet.

Matching A Beard To Face Shape

Here are a few rules to follow when growing and maintaining a beard that matches well with your facial features:

Square Face - Men with a square face have a wide jawline and a square chin. Pick a beard style that makes your chin seem less aggressive by trimming your hair shorter on the sides while letting it grow a bit longer on the chin.

Round Face - Round faced men have fuller cheeks and a more gradual, unobtrusive chin. Trim your beard as short as possible on your cheeks while letting the hair gradually grow longer as you move down your jawline to your chin.

Pointed Chin - Men with this face shape have a strong chin that's far more prominent than their jawline. If that matches your features, then keep your beard longer on the side while trimming it much closer around the chin to create more of an oval shape.

Heart Shaped / Diamond Face - Men with a heart or diamond shaped face also have a pointed chin but one that's more gradual. You can wear practically any beard shape style if you have this facial shape, but don't trim it too closely so that it resembles a rounded or extreme square style.

Triangular Face - You have a triangular face shape if your face gradually widens as you move down your jaw, making your forehead appear narrower. You can either keep every part of your beard short and close-cropped, or maintain a longer beard with shorter sides to create more of an oval look.