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Benefits of a Beard Comb

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So, you finally have the beard that you want! It's the perfect length, style, and colour. While growing out your beard is difficult enough, keeping it nicely groomed is part of the battle. A beard comb is a simple and affordable solution to maintaining beard's shape.

Importance of Using a Beard Comb

Using a quality beard comb can make the difference between a coarse, rough beard and a nicely groomed, soft one. A few benefits of using beard combs include:

  • Combing your beard every day will ensure your hair grows in the right direction, eliminating ingrown hairs. This also helps grow a beard faster and in a more healthier manner.

  • Beard combs give you the look you want. Combing your facial hair helps you style your beard any way that you want. It also trains your hair to grow in a certain direction.

Types of Beard Combs

There are so many types of beard styling combs currently on the market. To narrow down the differences consider the teeth width. There are fine tooth combs as well as wide tooth combs. If you have a soft beard, we recommend using a comb with teeth spaced closer together. For coarser beards, wide tooth combs usually work best.

There are three options in regards to materials that are used for beard combs. Here is a brief overview of the differences, benefits, and downfalls of each:

Wood - If you are serious about the health of your beard, invest in a wooden beard comb. They are hand cut which avoids tugging and pulling at your beard. Not only do they look good, but they can last a lifetime.

Plastic - This type of material is cheaper than the rest and usually results in poorer quality. Generally flimsy, they create static within the hair and do not smooth out beard hair as nicely as wooden combs.

Metal - These combs generally don't have smoothly cut edges, which can harm the hair follicles. They are also far from being anti-static which is not a good thing.

How To Comb Your Beard

So, you have found the perfect beard comb, now it's time to learn how to properly comb your beard. Not only will your beard feel and look good, but combing it the right way also promotes healthier hair.

To begin, you want to comb your beard from the bottom up. Combing this way will help your beard appear fuller and will make it easier to work through any tangles. Once you've combed your beard upwards, you can comb the beard down paying special attention to the neckline. Style your beard any way you'd like but don't forget about the moustache. Comb it off to the sides and away from your mouth.