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Captain Fawcett

captain fawcett

Welcome to Captain Fawcett's Emporium, home to a simply delectable range of first class Gentleman's Grooming Requisites.

Captain Fawcett - Gentleman's Grooming Emporium

In 1905, intrepid explorer Captain Peabody Fawcett disappeared while attempting to navigate the source of the Ubangi – a tributary to the Congo River. Until 1997 no trace of this mission survived, until a battered trunk containing the adventurer’s salves, ointments and a journal of expedition tales and recipes for the perfect beard products was found.

Restoring the original formula, Captain Fawcett Limited produces an Edwardian-bent collection of gentlemen's grooming requisites.

Why Choose Captain Fawcett

Beards are always IN. They are the epitome of manliness, masculinity and old-fashioned retro looks. As a brand, Captain Fawcett has joined forces with some of the worlds most famous Dandy Gentlemen about town to create incredible beard care products.