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Essentials - Beard Balm

Education - Beard Balm

A balm has the conditioning components that help revive your beard with a lighter hold than that of a wax. With a balm, your beard will be more conditioned, moisturised, softer and easier to style. Using a beard balm will also give your facial hair the essential nutrients and key vitamins that will make both your beard and skin look and feel healthier.

So, why would you get a balm when it provides the same benefits that a beard oil also offers. Well, a balm has a different texture to that of an oil with a thicker consistency. It not only compliments an oil but can also be used as a styling product. Although both products can make your facial hair softer, a balm tends to keep it that way for much longer because of its thicker consistency and the fact that the beard needs more time to absorb it.

Essential Ingredients

Balms are usually made of four essential ingredients. Those are the carrier oils, essential oils, moisturising agent (usually Shea Butter) and a sealant (usually Beeswax). Most of the benefits come from the carriers oils, like Argan and Jojoba Oil. These oils make sure that your beard is softer and help eliminate 'beardruff'. The essential oils are the ingredient that give your balm its unique scent.

The most popular choice for a moisturising agent is Shea Butter, followed by Cocoa Butter. Besides their moisturising qualities, these butters can also add volume to your facial hair. An ingredient that is often used as the sealant is Beeswax, which is responsible for retaining the moisture in your beard and giving it a slight hold.

How To Apply Beard Balm

Scraping a thumbnail size amount of balm from the tin, begin rubbing it between your palms to melt it down. Wait until the product has completely melted and then start massaging into your beard. Start at the roots of the strands and proceed upwards to the tips.

Once you have covered the entire beard, style it in the desired way with a comb or brush. Make sure to do this thoroughly to evenly distribute the product.