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New To Growing A Beard

Education - Growing A Beard

When you first decide to take the next step in the evolution chain and begin growing out your very own beard-mane there will be both ups and downs along the way. We have compiled a list you will encounter on your bearding journey.

Welcome To The Itching Phase

This stage breaks many men before they have truly began. The dreaded ' beard itch'. Thankfully the dreaded itching stage of your facial forest journey doesn't last too long. And by not too long I mean less than a month depending on your beard growing rate. In the meantime, keep your face well hydrated and try to resist excessive itching, as this can prolong the discomfort and cause damage to your skin.

Start Using A Beard Oil

The benefits from using oils can prove key to your bearding success. Not only will the oil help with the itching phase of the beard hair growing, but it will also help with your beards softness and even helps maintain smooth and healthy skin. Look at it like this, if you were growing your own vegetables you'd much rather plant the seeds in a healthy rich soil to give your veggies the best possible chance of growing healthy and more appetising. Well, look at your beard in the same way and you'll understand the real benefits when using quality beard oils.

You Will Fall In Love With Your Beard

It's no secret that many bearded fellows are rather attached to their beards and take great pride when looking after them. Most people can't seem to understand as to why men would care so much for their facial forest. Well, bearded men take pride in their beards. Beards display a mans patience as they don't simply appear overnight.

Respect All Men With Beards

When you pass by another fellow bearded gentleman you'll find yourself respectfully acknowledging one another, usually with a polite nod of the head... even if you have never met before. The reason behind this being you understand the mans journey and respect the patience shown when growing out a beard. It's like an unwritten rule in the "Brotherhood Bible". One you'll respect without even realising you are doing so.

Everyone Will Have An Opinion On Your Beard

This has to be by far one of the most unavoidable situations when you have a beard. Everyone will have an opinion on your beard and most will happily voice them. You'll find yourself answering the same questions over and over. But it's not all bad. Most of the time you'll meet people who rather admire your newly sprouted facial forest, and may even ask if they can touch it every once in a while. Embrace all the comments, simply ignore the negativity and have fun with it.