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Smooth Viking

smooth viking

Change the way that you take care of your beard. Tame and style to your liking with Smooth Viking beard care products that feature a 100% natural blend of ingredients.

Smooth Viking - Beard & Hair Care

Smooth Viking is a US company that started in 2014. Back then, they didn’t think that the beard care products on the market were really cutting it. They thought beards deserved more than a bunch of useless ingredients that don’t work, so they created Smooth Viking to give our fellow bearded brothers a better alternative. But, they didn't just stop there. Smooth Viking eventually expanded their horizons to cover the hair care territory, too.

Premium ingredients. Yeah, we know. You've probably heard that a million times... except they actually mean it. They're not in the business of setting hair up to fail, so they've formulated all of their products with high-quality stuff that gets the job done.

Why Choose Smooth Viking

Any real viking would tell you that it takes much more than a beastly beard to nail the look you want. Smooth Viking's premium beard and hair care products will supercharge your style like no other.