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Why Does My Beard Itch

Education - Beard Itch

There is no fight against beard itchiness unless you find out what causes this annoying condition in the first place. Several factors are known to be the causes of beard itch. Among them, there are two prime reasons why itchy beards occur. The factor that decides this is the stage of beard growth.

In other words, beard itch can happen when you start growing a beard, but also when your facial hair is fully grown.

Beard Itch After Shaving

To put it simply, a life of shaving has accustomed your skin to be without facial hairs. Now that you've let those beard hairs grow freely, they became sharp and coarse. Unshaven hairs have tapered edges, and this prevents friction against each hair follicle. Shaven facial hairs are completely different.

Shaving for so long has made those tapered edges sharper than you can imagine. The problem is even bigger if you used to shave closer to the skin. While growing, sharp hair edges curl back and constantly rub against your skin on the face causing beard itchiness. This does not happen only when you start growing your beard. It is also something that occurs to men with shorter beards, like 5 o'clock shadow style and is precisely the reason why stubbles often feel so rough.

Beard Itch With Full Grown Beard

Beard itch is a normal part of the beard growing process, and it passes after some time. Until it doesn't. Sometimes, although your beard is fully grown, the itchiness will remain. This happens because your facial hair is dry and wiry.

If not adequately moisturised and conditioned, your beard will also make the skin underneath dry. Next thing you'll notice is irritation, itchiness, rough and coarse facial hairs and beard dandruff.

Other Causes of Beard Itch

The reasons behind beard itching are numerous. Some of the most common are: dry skin, dead skin cells, bad beard care products and not having a beard grooming routine.

Dry Skin - The most common cause for beard itch is dryness. Your daily routine, grooming habits, lifestyle and environment are all reasons that can lead to dry and itchy skin and beard.

Dead Skin Cells - Each day, your face sheds hundreds and thousands of dead skin cells. Whether you have just started growing a beard or you have been bearded for a while, your beard will catch and retain those dead cells causing irritation and beard itching.

Bad Beard Products - There are bad and good quality beard oils, balms, soaps and shampoos. If you choose the ones made with natural ingredients, there are fewer chances that you will have beard problems and itching.

Beard Grooming Routine - Following a beard grooming routine is crucial. If that lacks, beard itchiness often follows. A routine means that you should wash your beard with specialised beard shampoo, towel dry it after washing, use high-quality beard care products, and finally comb and brush it.