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Why Use a Beard Soap

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While many soaps that you are using on your face say they are moisturising bars, they contain harmful detergents that are drying the skin and causing the skin to become irritated.

One of the problems with using regular soap on your beard is that the stripping of the glycerin from the soaps is causing your skin to dry out. Soap manufacturers replace that moisturising glycerine with synthetic leather agents that are comprised of a number of harsh toxic chemicals. Because your skin quickly absorbs whatever it comes in contact with, it is important to pay close attention to the soaps you are using on your skin because they will, in turn, affect beard growth.

Why Use a Natural Beard Soap

Organic soap has many benefits to the skin and the growth of your beard, giving you a more healthy skin tone and a fuller, softer and healthier beard. The process in which these natural soap bars are produced is much different than that of the commercial soaps.

Specific natural oils and fats are mixed to create soaps that lather much richer than soaps with detergents. By using organic fats and oils and eliminating fragrances, the lather you produce when washing your face also has a natural detoxifier, basically removing any toxins from the surface of the skin and reducing the itchiness during different growth phases of the beard.

Once you begin to incorporate a natural beard soap into your cleaning routine, you will notice an improvement in many areas very quickly. Eliminating those harsh detergents from coming in contact with your skin will allow your beard to grow faster, longer and stronger. Organic beard soaps will allow the skin to heal and healthier skin results in a healthier and more luxurious beard.

How To Use a Beard Soap

Step 1 - Take the beard soap in your hand, and using circular motions massage into both of the cheeks. Do this until you notice that some lather has started to form. You can leave the soap bar aside at this point and work the product into the beard by massaging it with both of your hands.

Step 2 - Once there is a bigger lather, leave it on your facial hair a few minutes to penetrate deep into the skin underneath. This technique has a lot of benefits. It will help you eliminate the excess oil and dirt that might have accumulated on your beard. Most importantly, it will nourish and moisturise both your facial hair and skin.

Step 3 - After a few minutes pass, make sure to rinse your beard thoroughly with water.

Step 4 - Pat dry your facial hair and face. Never scrub it too aggressively or you will damage and break your beard hairs.